Monthly Archives: October 2005

Ghosts like the cooler weather

. . . so says Hawksley Workman. I think it’s time to get my ghosts out of the closet, to let them walk around a bit so I can see what they’re made of before they disappear again into the back of my mind. It’s also time to end the madness of summer and settle into what is most important in my life — thinking and working and developing projects that reflect what it is I can do.

I’m working on a propsal to determine the cultures of development and use of open-source software — there seems to be a gap in the literature concerning “bottom-up” development as culturally speaking the developers don’t think of themselves as users. I want to try and think about this more.

My trip to London also made me think more about the intersections of culture and policy with grassroots tech development. The German wireless community groups like Freifunk are purposefully decentralized; there seems to be a political motivation for this linked to postwar German culture.

Food for thought, and thought is the theme of the month.